About Us



SS Handcrafted Art, LLC, began its business in 2001 as an importer of specialty arts and crafts from Ecuador with a social agenda as its leading objective: to improve the lives and well being of the area artisans andtheir families, as well as the local comunity.  Originally founded by Joseph Conde, a native of South Florida and of Colombian descent, as the Turtle man Foundation, it primarily grew out of a social mission to the area with the goal of improving the local industry by advocating the concept of a “sharing wage” for area craftsmen and promoting international business as a collective for the benefit of all.  Known as the “give back” program, the idea is to provide the artisans with sufficient funding for not only essentials, but also for necessary re-investment, which in turn encourages further local development.

As a international community partner,the company  works closely together with the artesans throughout the design and production process to ensure maximum quality product before shipping. Each item is designed to be a inspiring reflection of the area’s natural marine habitat and wildlife, and has been painstakingly and genuinely crafted by hand by those who actually live and work along the coastal communities.  Products are also sold locally by the artists themselves, as well, further boosting the area economy.

In addition to supporting the native area in which all our genuinely handcrafted product comes from through the international “give back” concept,SS Handcrafts also supports wildlife charities and foundations, such as the Nonprofit Turtle Hospital in Jeckell Island GA., to which we donated over $1000 in 2010.  As a socially-minded enterprise, our motto is simple, do good, and you do well!