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Our Beginning

20 years ago, we met and cultivated an amazing relationship with an artisan family in Ecuador. We wanted to help them share their beautiful marble work, and bring their creations to all of the locations we know and love around the world. Since then we have grown from 1 artisan family to over 25, and we still work with our first family to this day. We have also had the privilege to meet so many amazing Individuals through our work who we consider family.

Turtle Joe

Turtle Joe, a Miami born native, set out with a mission to change the world in any way that he could. 20 years ago Turtle Joe accidentally met the original artisan family while on a trip to Ecuador. He grew his relationship with this family and started SS Handcrafted Art. Since then, he has founded the Turtleman Foundation, which was his lifelong dream to be able to give back to the oceans and sea turtles. Turtle Joe is the friendly face so many know and love behind SS Handcrafted Art. He is always the smiling face at every trade show, and has always enjoyed bringing a smile to all he is able to meet.

Family Owned

Founded by a husband and wife 20 years ago, SS Handcrafted Art is a family owned and operated business. With their two children, Ananda and Anthony, they have loved sharing the mission and work with their kids. Today you can find Turtle Jr or Ana Turtle almost always at a show with Turtle Joe. They are proud to be family run and love to share their family values and the happiness that comes with.