Founded 2015

The Turtleman Foundation was founded by Joseph, The Turtleman, with a goal to be able to give back to the cause of helping in saving the sea turtles, aiding in ocean conservation, and being able to contribute to these much needed ocean related causes. Over the years The Turtleman Foundation has been able to help local sea turtle research centers in the US, as well as outside of the US, in helping to fund important projects and research objectives of theirs.

2020 Recipient

· PROCTMM Ocean Conservation

This great organization is located in Colombia and known for the amazing research they do in helping the study and advancements of sea turtle lifespan and rescue. They were able to build a brand new water tank for the rehabilitated turtles they study to help in understanding and preventing the dissipation of our beloved sea turtles.

· Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Center

The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Center is a great organization that we had the pleasure of being able to sponsor. This organization is known for the local work they do with local beach cleanup projects and turtle rescues. We were able to donate to this organization an ATV to help them mark, track, and hatch local sea turtle nests of the area, as well as host their well known beach cleanups.

2019 Recipient

2017 Recipient

· Florida Leatherback Association

This association is a great organization based in Florida, which specializes in leatherback turtle research as well as rescue and safe hatching. We were able to donate an ATV to this great organization to help them run across the beaches and make their surveying and rescue process faster to help them tag, rescue, and rehabilitate turtles in their area.

· Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center was the first organization that The Turtleman Foundation was able to sponsor in 2012. We loved to sponsor them for multiple years and helped them maintain their current sea turtle hospitals, as well as help them get a new holding tank for their turtles in rescue. This organization is known for their amazing sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation, and for the great work they do for the east coast turtles.

2015-2016 Recipient